Everyone says speak the truth it’s always the best thing to do but there are thousands of people out there who speak the truth every day and get killed for telling the truth .why ?? Why ? The truth is that people only wanna hear what pleases there ears

Friends. Friends are those who never mention a negative word about you to other . Friends who help you through the toughest times and are always there for you . Friends that accept you with all your flaws . We are surrounded by tons of people but we can’t make them all out friends we have to choose which ones you want to spend your entire day with and who’s shoulder you want to put your head on . It’s not about the looks or how popular you are it’s about if you they make you feel good about yourself remember it’s not about the thoughts it’s about those deeper feelings which go beyond human knowledge .i worship my friends everyday because god didt give me friends he gave me angels
Sometimes in life it’s hard to let go of all those memories that you used to hold close to your heart and those memories which you would live for every second of you life those memories that made living life just a bit more worth while we have our whole life to be old but only a few years to be young so use these memories as a goodbye gift to those few years of being young and welcome the good fortune lying head of you waiting for your arrival
~ a comman person with common thoughts
Is it just me or is it natural to feel lke your da one hurting people judge you on the stupid mistakes that you do but wen you do something good it’s for attention we live in a world were no matter what you do or what you say people will judge you on that one thing for the rest of your life no matter how hard you try to make people forget it they won’t and it’s cause of those people that people kill them selfs we can’t change what other people think but we can change what we think of by making our thinking more positive we can change others and the sooner we start the better we can’t ford to let our up coming generation suffer cause our society has a certain image of us on there heads ~ a common person with common thoughts